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Auditions, Round 1
Chapter 1-4

VERY IMPORTANT: We need men! I have not received a single sound check from any male-sounding voices at all. In chapter 1 alone, there are 11 male-sounding, American accented voices other than Jack's. Most of these are just one or a handful of lines. If you can read just a few lines for us, or you can rope your brother/boyfriend/friend/dad/neighbor into helping us out (and of course maybe discover the Dead Isle along the way~~ >.>) that would be awesome.

Parts Available to Audition For:

Notes: I tried to remove as much of the dialogue tags and stuff as I could, where I could, as I understand it can take you a bit out of character to switch back and forth. Some places, though, I had to leave them in. Ellis, for instance, has many more monologuey bits, and cutting out little dialogue tags didn't make much difference, but Jack's lines are usually on the short side, and it wouldn't have made sense for me to cut out everything in between. Go ahead and read the whole segment in the accent the character is meant to be speaking in, even the dialogue tags and such, so you don't have to break character. We'll take care of the rest. :)

Ellis Graveworthy
(see script) )

Jack Baker
(see script) )

Clare Fields
(see script) )

1. Name your file [Character-userid.mp3] i.e. Clare-dirtydirtychai.mp3

2. Drop your file into the
GDrive folder.
3. Fill out
this spreadsheet with your information.

Use the name or screen name you want to be credited with. In the chapter-by-chapter podcast, we’ll credit the readers each episode/chapter, unless you ask to be uncredited. When we release the whole book as podfic, we’ll have a page with the full cast listed.

If you have any trouble dropping the file into the GDrive folder or otherwise accessing GDrive, you can email it to me with the following information:
Username (platform) [ Ex: dirtydirtychai (LJ and DW) ]
Email OR Alternate contact

Please let me know if the directions are unclear or if you have any questions or comments or special circumstances.

Deadline is set for January 21. That's two weeks, and if we have to extend that like we did the sound checks, I'll let you know. :)

 Just a note to clarify *why* we're still auditioning the Jack and Ellis if there aren't any men - toward the beginning, I DID get a handful of guys who were interested in reading for them. But only a couple of those signed up on the crew sheet, and only one has gotten back to me since then. If we end up with only one person sending in an audition for Jack or Ellis - congrats, you've got the part!


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