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So, "going to post this weekend" turned into "some time this month or the next." Sorry, guys. RL has been hectic.

On the docket today:
1. Getting more Aussie and Indigenous participation
2. Audiobook vs. Podcast
3. Sound quality checks
4. Phase 2 - Auditioning
5. Compiling/editing

1. Aussie and Indigenous participation
We need Aussies! :D We have plenty of people who are willing to give Aussie accents a shot, but if we could get more actual Australian representation, that could be nothing but a wonderful thing. Especially once we start recording the Indigenous characters. Indigenous representation FTW, y/y? So if you are Indigenous (somebody tell me if I’m not using the right words here) and want to participate, please let me know! Or if you have friends or significant others or children who you can volunteer for a line or two, welcome! Representation is very important to us and we want to do this right.

We’ve got several Australians on-board already, but there are LOTS of speaking parts once Jack & co. get to Australia. I’ve discussed with some people about promoting this project on Australian podficcing sites. Any opinions on the matter?

And as for opening up the roles to non-Cafe - I do admit that I would personally prefer to keep the project within the family, so to speak, as the point is to hear the voices of the cafe family. If we have too many Australian speaking parts and not enough Aussies, I’d rahter that our talented cafe members give the accent their best shot (and we can laugh over the less successful ones together) before we start advertising the roles to any Tom, Dick, or Harry out there. But I don’t mind friends and friends of friends, and getting word out about Sam’s stuff is only good, right? So. IDK. Thoughts?

2. Audiobook vs. Podcast
Unless someone comes up with a better idea, we’re going to release each chapter as it’s completed in the form of a serial podiobook. It makes the organizational side much easier, and this way we can get feedback as we go. When it’s all finished, we can compile it into a giant audiobook (or at least, one that’s in less than 23 parts).

Anybody have any personal experience with http://www.podiobooks.com? This site also has an option for people to be able to donate to the author, which, monies for Sam to write more things is good, right? Does anybody really want it to be available from iTunes?

3. Before anyone starts recording, we need to make sure everyone is equipped to record so we have some consistency in sound quality. So everyone who is going to record is going to need to send in a basic screening.

Librivox has some very helpful information tips about this:
From their website:

From: 1-Minute Test, Librivox

Be sure to get feedback. You may need to upload another test or two to get things set up right, but once you get things set up, you're generally good to go from there! Potential feedback issues include:

- are the settings correctt?
- is the input volume OK? (too soft? too loud?)
- do you have "plosives"? (is your breath hitting the mic and making nasty noises?)
- do you have a hum? a buzz? dc offset? hiss? (there could be many reasons for these things, but don't worry, there is lots of help available to help you fix it!)
- too much noise? (there are many types of noise, and we can help in a variety of ways to reduce the noise in your recording)
Another helpful link from Librivox: Newbie Guide to Recording

*****Just to clarify: we are not sending recordings to Librivox, merely using their posts as guidelines. I will post an update as to where you can send your sound checks.*****

4. Auditioning
We’re reading to set up phase 2, auditioning some of the principles. Because we will likely do this in podfic format, releasing one chapter at a time, we can take some more time to audition the later roles (like Purva and William) and focus on just the American roles + Ellis for now.

Also, I’m going to make the executive decision that we’re not going to audition very many of the roles, just the primary ones that we know have several contenders. For one thing, I don’t have the time to sift through audition files for *everyone*. And the smaller bit roles can be doled out/requested on a first-come-first-serve basis for those who have preferences. So for now, we will audition Clare, Ellis, and Jack. Possibly we might audition Anderson, Nicholas, Annie Masters, and Helena Christian when we get to those chapters if there are multiple contenders.
(If anyone has any objections to doing things this way, please comment.)

5. Compiling/editing
Dear everyone who has volunteered to edit/compile: I will be getting in touch with you shortly to get an idea of what you feel comfortable with/what your computers are capable of and to get your chapters assigned. Thank you in advance for the hard work you’re going to be doing!

1. Know any Aussies and/or Indigenous Australians who would like to participate? Tell us!
2. podiobooks.com y/n? iTunes y/n?
3. Setting up polls with the audition clips - if you know anything about this kind of thing, please advise.
4. Think a particular section should be read for the audition? Let us know!
5. Compilers/editors ILU <3 <3 <3

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